Start 2022 with confidence and less anxiety.

Do you feel anxious or stressed? Struggling with stress, anxiety, social interaction or self worth? The last 2 years of isolation and concerns related to covid, have increased the crippling feelings of helplessness anxiety felt by so many people.

My experience, in helping clients with anxiety, depression and insomnia, can help you. The impact of CBT-hypnotherapy is such that you will feel benefits after the very first session.

On average clients need between 2-3 sessions. Imagine the impact 3 hypnotherapy sessions can have on improving your life!

Hypnotherapy sessions via FaceTime, whatsapp and viber are also effective, so distance is no problem.

If you want to conquer your anxiety, reduce your stress, feel happier and more self confident - please contact me via my website or message me. 

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