Recognise the amazing person you are.

We often compare our skills, our lives, our achievements, against others and this can create unhappiness, depression within us.

So often, we do not give ourselves credit for all we have achieved and we destroy our own inner peace and mental balance by these unjust comparisons. It is difficult not to look at others and wish for a different life, better life, think we have fewer skills and are less loved.

I was asked once “where is the evidence that you are not good enough?” I provided lots of evidence to disprove this belief.

I understand that, when beliefs are so deep rooted, it hard to change your perception. CBT-Hypnotherapy can help. I am a qualified CBT Hypnotherapist and I am registered with the GHR.

If you want to discuss if CBTH can help you, message me via the contact me form on my website.

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