Our thoughts influence our beliefs.

How true this is. If you believe your future will be bleak, or believe you will fail in achieving life goals - it is quite possible your worst fears will come to be. I understand how so very difficult it is to pull yourself free of limiting self-beliefs, or stop these negative thoughts/beliefs. The impact your own thoughts and beliefs have result in you feeling very low, alone, unloved, absolutely shattered but unable to sleep, depressed and no matter what view you take - the outcome is negative. Hypnotherapy can help you to move past what is causing you so much pain, results from treating clients - are noticeable after JUST 1 session. So - let me help you, through cbt Hypnotherapy and mindfulness, to find that peace you seek, to achieve a healthy and happy wellbeing. Improvements after 3-4 sessions are often astounding. DM me now to start the journey to achieve the life you deserve. 

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