Unable to avoid yourself!

Do you find that no matter where you go, how far you may travel and how pleasant your surroundings, you are still sad...still alone, depressed, envisioning your future disasters? I found many years ago that it doesn’t matter where I went, how much money I spent to enrich my time...I took myself everywhere! It cost me a lot of money before I learnt this and before I took steps to improve my mental health. I found that many people either just can’t understand how dark the world looks to those of us who have struggled, or who are still struggling. Maybe they don’t want to know, or they cannot take on other people’s stress. I now understand that. I was fortunate to find a therapist to help guide me out of this awful place and now I help others. I DO understand how destructive negative thoughts can impact on your life. How they stop you from getting up, from living a happy life, even how much they impact on your ‘normal’ daily life. Let me help you find your way to a balanced, healthier, happier, enjoyable future. DM me now to start the new chapter in your life. 

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