Hidden turbulence?

So many of us walk around with a calm exterior, maybe looking carefree and stress free. Wow...how little does the world know! I know how hard it is to deal with mental health issues, stress, health problems, relationship disasters whilst having to work and live a ‘normal’ life. Who gets to say what is normal? When others: make comments on how you look; insinuate you are skiving off work: say you look fine you must be lying: it really doesn’t help!! The heavy weight we carry around in our hearts and minds CAN be lessened through cbt-Hypnotherapy. I found it changed my life by challenging my perception of myself, helping me to conquer my negative self-image and by giving me tools to help myself on a daily basis. I will never look back. Any challenge I face (and boy I’ve had my share!) I know I can use these tools to conquer ANYTHING! Let Karenavery at cbt-hypnotherapy solutions help you to #changeyourlifetoday for the better! DM me or look at my website. 

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