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Do you feel anxious or stressed? Struggling to find a way forward? So many people struggle daily with anxiety and stress. There are people who understand the crippling feelings of helplessness anxiety and stress can produce. I can help you! I’m here waiting to help. I have experience in helping clients with anxiety, depression and insomnia. The impact of CBT-hypnotherapy is such that my clients have all reported feeling the benefit of hypnotherapy in the very first session. On average clients have only needed between 2-3 sessions. Imagine the impact 3 hypnotherapy sessions can have on improving your life!! I have also been successful in holding hypnotherapy sessions via FaceTime and Skype - so distance is no problem. I also do home visits for those unable to travel. If you want to take hold of your life, conquer your anxiety and/or stress, if you want to sleep peacefully- please contact me via my website or message me. 

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telephone: 07981 559641

ASH, Canterbury, Kent. UK

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