A stressor or a joy?

Relax and enjoy the moment. A friend sent me a video of the reason behind the traffic jam he was in. Whilst many of the Indian drivers were honking and shouting, I could hear him laughing and sounding relaxed. Take a moment to relax, breathe, take another look at whatever is stressing you out or making you anxious. Is the cause of your stress/anxiety something that may never happen? Are you looking ahead and seeing disaster, seeing you are unable to achieve your goals, survive your situation? I have been there. I saw so many problems and disasters in my future. I didn’t live my life in the present time. It took a lot to stop this way of thinking. Mindfulness is an amazing technique I teach all my clients during hypnosis and it is a tool I count on most days to STOP the negative, unhelpful or just intruding thoughts which prevent me focusing on the present moment. Mindfulness and hypnotherapy can improve your health and your life. Message me now to start your journey.  

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