The cognitive behaviour approach used by cbt-HypnotherapySolutions is an effective approach used to help clients quit smoking - FAST! 

Quitting will help to reduce anxiety and improve your mood as well as improving your physical health. 

If you have tried patches, cold turkey and it worked for a while - you’ll be amazed how much easier Hypnotherapy makes quitting. 

Is the £250 for the sessions worth it?? How much are you worth? Much more than the cost of Hypnotherapy.

If your cigarettes cost £8-£10 per 20 & you smoke 1 pack a day quitting will save you £2,900-£3,650 per year!! Up to £36,500 in 10 years at current prices, excluding insurance premiums for being a smoker! 

Let me help you quit for good. Contact me via the contact page or email me.  

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