How I work with you.

 A common question I hear from clients is how do you decide on what to say to me during Hypnosis? So here’s some information for you. Obviously 1 size does not fit all. We are unique; your issues are unique and I know how it feels to be lumped into one bracket and squashed around until they think you fit!  I listen to my clients during the until FREE phone conversation- I say 15 minutes but I over run if you want to know more or I need a little more. This initial phone conversation is when you can ask me about Hypnosis (you can also ask me during sessions) to make sure you understand a little better. I get an idea of why you want Hypnotherapy and I make sure - not only that I believe I can help you, but also I make sure you are committed to taking this step. There’s no point coming if you have been told you need to quit smoking, lose weigh, get over your fears, deal with your sadness or depression - it has to be your choice and yours alone. Your decision to change will impact on your life in so many positive ways and although you may worry at the cost - I ask clients “how long have you been this anxious/unhappy/stressed etc.?” “How much would it be worth to you to be free of whatever you want to address??” The benefit is not just healthier and happier life, more focus in your life and confidence you have not felt for years , or ever... it may also be financially beneficial: 1x20 pack cigarettes =£10 x 7 pw =£70 x 52 = £3,640 pa (without tax increases/added stress + increased smoking) but a recent report said that in a lifetime someone smoking 20 a day will take over 7million inhalation’s or smoke!! Wow!! I know I have been successful in helping clients after just 2 sessions! Some clients have bigger issues /more complex (or they don’t listen to the FREE recordings I provide for them to listen to between sessions!!) and this means I cover many different areas they need help with. Unfortunately, a number of new clients have failed to attend for their sessions. As a result I now ask for a non refundable deposit (which comes of the cost of your treatment) via my website or I send a PayPal payment request. Why do I do this?? I put a lot of work into preparing your sessions, I spend time making recordings for you and they are personal to you. I then prepare for future sessions - so this all takes up hours of my time. I love to help my clients. It is what I want to do for the next 30 years! Let me help you. Send me details via my contact me button and I will get back to you. Karen

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