You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

Marcus Aurelius


My experiences have made me very aware of the impact of bullying on a child or adult, and the resulting affect on mental health and wellbeing, in both educational environments and the work place. I have blended my insight, with the tools available in CBT-hypnosis, to enable me help you or your child.


It seems that, no matter where you go in life, bullies exist and can take the form of friends, other students, colleagues, teachers or a boss.   Those on the receiving end of bullying  (no matter their age) can experience anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, poor health, insomnia, inability to think or focus or make sound decisions. Self-confidence can shatter and they start to doubt themselves and question their abilities.


Whilst the anxiety and depression caused by childhood bullying decreases over time, I know only too well the importance of seeking help for yourself, or your child, early on.  


Those who have experienced bullying now know they are not alone, that it is normal to feel low and so stressed, but most important is the knowledge that asking for help - is an important step.  


How can I/hypnosis help?  I work with my clients, your child, listen to their concerns, discuss how they feel, identify how they want to feel and then work with them to reach their goals using a range of techniques.


After each session of hypnotherapy you/your child may feel:

  • more confident; 

  • more relaxed when encountering previously challenging situations;

  • less anxious;

  • low moods will lift;

If you are seeking help for your child (under 16) I will need your written consent to help them, or you can remain present during the hypnotherapy session.