Get me well so I can get on television and tell people to stop smoking.



Have you tried patches, tablets, cold turkey, looking at the horrible pictures and reading all the medical information regarding the effects of smoking on your health? Still smoking?  Do you really want to quit?? If your answer is YES then hypnosis can help you to quit!!

Apart from your health - have you worked out how much smoking costs you?  Excluding the cost attributed to being a smoker on : your mortgage, health insurance, life insurance....etc... IF you smoke 20 a day at £9 per pack, that equals £70 per week and a whopping £3,640 per year! Wow.  Let me help you improve your health and wealth through CBT hypnotherapy.  


How successful is hypnotherapy in helping you to quit?  I have succeeded in helping clients to  stop smoking completely (20 a day - 0!) and they have felt no urge at all to smoke! Amazing I know.  

The first step is to contact me and arrange a 15 minute telephone appointment. At this stage there is no charge, no obligation to proceed. If you decide you would like to undergo hypnosis we can make an appointment for your session.

At this stage a non-refundable deposit of £50.00, or full payment, is taken.

I will provide you with a recording from the session, (included in the price) to support your commitment to quit.