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ASH, Canterbury, Kent. UK




When you see me for the first time you will probably feel nervous or apprehensive and wonder whether hypnotherapy can really help.


It can!  Through hypnosis I will provide you with skills to conquer conditions affecting your life.


Are you finding you are: constantly anxious, stressed, feeling low or depressed, lacking self-confidence, experiencing feelings of panic (shortness of breath, heart palpitations, afraid), are your issues creating unwanted habits and/or addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcoholism, gambling), unable to sleep, feeling exhausted, have you found that no one is listening and if they do they just recommend medication, do you experience an overwhelming sense of dread, feeling isolated/angry/alone and out of control?


Are your problems preventing you from reaching your potential and achieve your goals in life? I CAN HELP YOU.

I believe the best person to help you understand, and deal with your anxiety, is someone who has experienced it.  I have been unfortunate to experience 2 life threatening illnesses.  I understand how illness, low mood and stress affect your life. I felt no one was listening, I was at the end of the road, I could not sleep, I felt I had no way forward and the only future I could see was dark.  I felt so alone.   I understand the impact many conditions have on mental health and self-belief - It is tremendous - but they are NOT INSURMOUNTABLE! 

What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

At the centre of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) (and CBH) is an understanding that the way we respond to events is not due to the event itself but the way we interpret events, based on our thoughts and beliefs.


Our reactions combine a complex mix of feelings, thoughts and behaviours. CBH involves addressing those feelings (emotions), thoughts (cognitions) and behaviours individually and together.

Sometimes just understanding how our thoughts and beliefs influence our behaviour is enough to promote amazing changes in our daily life and relationships.

CBH integrates hypnosis with CBT, to challenge negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with more positive suggestions. CBH will help you to relax completely, quickly and effectively and promote change.


Both CBT and CBH focus on the present day, on the here and now, rather than the past.  While patterns of behaviour, habits and thinking may have developed over time I will help you to focus on the practical solutions to deal with present experiences - you cannot undo the past, but you can change the way you respond now to the past, present and future.

There are two days in the year that we can not do anything, yesterday and tomorrow