But to find, all at once, right before your eyes, that the impossible had been mysteriously achieved by man himself: this staggers the mind!

Jules Verne. (2013). “The Collected Works Of Jules Verne”



Exam nerves can be experienced by many of us, whether we are sitting school exams or vocational or postgraduate exams.  It’s amazing that having studied hard, revised carefully and prepared well, the dread that can fill our minds just thinking about having to take exams which then results in panic.

For many of us we can feel paralysed.  Do you remember thinking 'I will forget everything’ or ‘I won’t pass’? These are negative outcomes we can tell ourselves.  These negative thoughts cause anxiety / nerves to increase and this stops us thinking straight and panic sets in.

Does your child fear exams?  Have they been told they will not pass, that they are a failure, everyone else is much better than them? Let me help them to see their true potential.  If children are helped early and they are given these tools and skills - their potential is limitless!

How can I help you, or your child? 


To start with - let me tell you - hypnotherapy cannot help if you, or your child, haven't revised!  Putting in the work to revise and know the subject is vital. 

We will work together to identify what is causing the nerves, what is preventing you/your child from performing well, talk through any negative ‘self-talk’. 

I will help you/your child to relax, to build a feeling of calm, lessen anxiety, feel confident, remain focused, feel comfortable in an exam situation. You will feel at ease even before you walk through the door of the exam room and your mind will be calm and focused, able to remember what you have revised.

Imagine feeling calm, relaxed, focused and alert when you enter an exam room - it feels good doesn’t it? When you feel this way all your knowledge, skills, confidence will be there, ready for you to call on and this will promote your success. 

I will also provide recordings of hypnotherapy scripts for you /your child to listen to between sessions.  These recordings increase the effectiveness of the sessions and reinforce the messages.

Exam nerves are generally easily, quickly and effectively overcome using hypnotherapy and guided imagery.