When setting out on a journey do not seek advice from someone who never left home



Have you been involved in a car accident which left you nervous to get back into a car?  Are you a nervous new driver needing help with preparing for your theory/or practical test? I will help you feel confident in your exams and in driving.


I use the combination of years of experience as advanced driver and CB-Hypnotherapy to help you to develop, and improve, your driving skills and conquer nerves you feel either as a driver or a passenger.


As we work together you will feel your confidence growing, your anxiety diminishing, you will be relaxed and calm when sitting the tests and you will believe in your ability to pass.


For experienced drivers: I will give you the confidence you may have lost to get back into a car. I can help you to conquer anxiety experienced after an accident or just when you are anxious about getting back behind the wheel after years of not needing to drive.