“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real” – Jules Verne

In 2016 I made the decision to take time away from my successful 30 year career to follow my passion to help others. In particular I wanted to help both adults and children to develop and realise their potential, to conquer life's challenges and improve their wellbeing. 

In 2009 my experiences in life lead me to a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist who is also a Hypnotherapist. He changed my life.  He listened to me, understood the negative impact my experiences were having on my life and he helped me to move forward. The combination of CBT and Hypnotherapy was a game changer. Through hypnotherapy I found the strength to face my challenges, to revise my perspectives, to accept myself and to approach new challenges with confidence and curiosity .  The Cognitive Behaviour (CB) hypnotherapy helped me through some very difficult times in my life and I can now help you.


I am passionate about helping others who find themselves in difficult circumstances.  I understand how frustrating it is to be told - take these tablets, do this exercise, talk to your friends, you'll grow out of it, pull yourself together.  I have heard all these comments and they didn't help.




I use CB-Hypnotherapy as an effective therapy for: depression/low mood, various anxiety conditions including: social anxiety, general anxiety disorder,  stress associated to school/work/relationships and low self-confidence/self-belief.


As a child who was subjected to bullying - I understand the impact this has on a child, the loneliness your child feels, the isolation they experience, the impact on self-confidence, self-belief, on developing social skills and on relationships and attitudes to others. I have been subjected to this in my professional life and I understand the complexities you face every day.


I can help remove barriers preventing you or your child from reaching full potential and I can help you to find peace, strength and success. 


As someone who stuttered in interviews, under stress, I understand how nerves and anxiety can cause memory loss, make you feel you will never succeed when faced with exams, exam preparation and public speaking. I will build your confidence to ensure you will not freeze during interviews, I will help with focus during your preparations and I will help you to develop organised thought processes.


Hypnotherapy can help students and professionals of ALL ages, and all abilities, to focus on their studies, to recall subject matter and to relax during exams or presentations. Hypnotherapy will help you to succeed!

Reach your potential through CBT-Hynotherapy Solutions!