(Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist)

I specialise in helping professional, Kent based men and women to reduce anxiety, improve mental health and well-being, conquer insomnia and to quit smoking.

I will help you to achieve your goals and improve your life. 

   Have you tried everything else? Do you feel no one is listening to you? Are you at your wits end and unable to sleep? Maybe you are struggling to find a way forward?  Call me now - I can help you.

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.




5 Star Review:

"Friendly, effective hypnotherapist." 


5 Star Review:

Very efficient, professional, hypnotherapist. I don't understand how it worked....but it did!  


5 Star Review:

Karen has not only helped to improve my general day to do life living with severe anxiety but has also helped me through a massive exam (which I passed!) I can now have a good nights sleep most of the time and have a way of dealing with the anxiety when I’m at work. The confidence in myself is slowly growing. So a massive thank you to Karen!

Sarah E

5 Stars!!

Karen has been helping me deal with feeling constantly stressed due to work and home pressure. She is very understanding and approachable. I have just started to sleep all through the night and I certainly feel more relaxed and able to deal with life. Thank you so much!


5 Star Review:

Karen has helped me with my anxiety and she has helped me to relax more.  The great changes in me have been noticed by my family and friends.  So glad I saw Karen.

telephone: 07981 559641

ASH, Canterbury, Kent. UK

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